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August 12, 2015


Urban Talk Radio will feature a segment called “Cops and Coffee” which may prove to be one of the most unique radio show segments in the country. On one side there’s a Cop, on the other side is a cup of Coffee and they are separated by a “grey area.” “Cops and Coffee” is bold and hot! It is an interactive show that brings Community Stakeholders literally to the table to intimately discuss the coherent purpose in modern day policing and current affairs.
August 26, 2015

Cops and Coffee" Finding a Police Cure

12 months of high profile police shootings. Terrell J. Starr a senior New York editor of the online news network AlterNet recently wrote an article entitled “Body Cams Can Capture Abuse, But Can They End Police Brutality?” His article suggest that Criminal justice experts say much more is needed to really reform police departments nationwide. Stacy Spell a retired New Haven homicide detective believes that a key to police reform is “Community Building.”
September 9, 2015

Social Justice Artistic Expression

Urban Talk Radio discusses the urgent need to explore indicators of intentional and unintentional discrimination arises in the aftermath of the Ferguson verdict, the Baltimore riots, and more. It's all about Social Justice Artistic Expression-“A look at Arresting Patterns”
January 7, 2016

Announcing 2016 Urban Writers Series

  Urban Writers Series, Workshop (Free) Are you a writer and have fallen off of the writer’s wagon? Are you bogged down with social media and inundated with […]